Kate Spade Shoulder Bag
Location: Taguig, Metro Manila
  • Rental Security: ₱2,900.00
  • Brand: Kate Spade
  • Product Code: KSB0002
  • Condition: Pre-loved
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  • Available Date: 19/11/2018


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  • Item Owner/Seller INFORMATION Sold By: Mzcellany
  • Location: Metro Manila, Philippines
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Kate Spade
Shoulder Bag with Extra Strap
Note : For pick-up in BGC

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Mzcellany's Shop Policies

Mzcellany's Shop Policies
USE: The item rented should only be for personal use and should not be altered or modified unless expressly agreed between parties either via e-mail or correspondence between the owner ( Mzcellany ) and renter via CLiQUERS Rentals Marketplace. At any given time where the item is used for other than the expressly agreed or if an unapproved alteration has been made to the item, the rental contract is terminated. The item will be collected by the owner and any unexpired rental fee will accrue to the owner. Any damage that was caused, directly or indirectly by the alteration/modification will be subject to the provisions of this agreement under “Loss & Damage” DEPOSIT: A refundable deposit is required. The deposit, together with the rental fee, will be charged to your credit/card or PayPal Account. Upon receipt of the returned item, the owner will refund the deposit to the renter within 24 banking hours. A Paypal refund may be done but PayPal refund processing takes 7 to 60 days. Refund via bank transfer or Cash is also an option. 
 DELIVERY: Rented item can be delivered to renter via meet-up/pick-up or via delivery through courier. The preferred option should be selected by the buyer at check-out. The meet-up/pick up date and details should be agreed by both parties, and valid ID is required to be presented upon item pick-up.
 RETURN: The renter can also return the item via meet-up, schedule and details to be agreed with owner. The renter can likewise ship the item back at the renter’s expense. If a 2-way delivery option was selected at original check-out, then renter should prepare the item for pick up on the designated date and the owner will arrange for the pick-up of the item. Item is expected to be returned clean as per care instructions, otherwise, cleaning fee will be deducted from the security deposit CANCELLATIONS: Cancellations can only be made within 48 hours from the booking date and 72 hours from the start of the rental duration whichever is shorter. Any cancellations outside of the aforementioned window will be considered final booking and will no longer be refunded. LATE FEES: Late fee of 3% of rental fee/day shall be collected 3 days from agreed return date of the item. This will be deducted against the rental deposit. 
 LOSS/DAMAGE: If the item is lost or severely damaged beyond repair, the renter will be billed and agrees to pay up to the full price of the item as indicated in the site (or the price given by the owner if not included in the original listing). Any other damage beyond the normal wear and tear of using the item for the rental duration shall also be chargeable to the renter; where the corresponding repair cost shall be deductible from the rental deposit. RENTAL RENEWAL: The rental agreement is automatically terminated at the end of booked period. Renter has the option to rebook the item though on or before the end of the rental period. The deposit requirement should no longer be selected at checkout. DISCOUNT & OTHER REQUESTS: Send a request/note to the owner. A special price/offer may be given at the owner’s discretion
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