About Us

How It All Began...

It all started when a group of friends played with ideas to embark on an entrepreneurial journey which would bank on their penchant for shopping and love of traveling and make use of what they have in their closets and homes. They wanted an endeavor to help them declutter and find new home for their items that are rarely or occasionally used to generate more mileage in their use and free up space in their abodes. They also recognized that sharing is the future and collaborative consumption is key to a more sustainable and socially-acceptable way of life. However, they realized that there’s no platform in the Philippines that exists today that will allow an individual the option to rent, sell or offer rent to own for their pre-loved items. Thus, it was one night in May 2018, that the ideas were solidified, plans were finalized, targets were set --- AND CLiQUERS was BORN.

What is CLiQUERS?

CLiQUERS provides the platform which allows renters and owners to meet and share the things which they need and are willing to lend in the most efficient and simplest way. Owners will make money and keep making money from their unused items. Renters, on the other hand, will have the convenience of finding the items they needed at their fingertips. The platform provides end to end transaction from searching the item, instant booking, secure payment and delivery. The platform is also available for rental companies who don’t have an efficient way to rent their items.

Why join the CLiQUERS community?

Be part of the economic and lifestyle revolution that is changing the landscape of retail
The idea of online peer to peer renting, of a collaborative lifestyle is probably still a novelty in our part of the world, but it is creating a niche in the globe that is growing by the day. In fact, renting is already part of our lifestyle and is happening in many pockets. Remember renting that ball gown from a shop across the street, or paying for a small fee for borrowing a friend’s gadget. Yep, we are just institutionalising it and giving everyone a meeting place.
Make your expenses, investments!
We purchase so many things which sometimes we only use once and then wait for the next opportunity to use them again which could take months or years. Most of these lose their value over time and so before they do, let someone else enjoy them for a fee. You would not only earn money from your expenses, you actually helped someone else save some as they only needed to pay for a fraction of the price for an item that they probably would only use once in a very long time.
More and Better Quality Choices
Why settle for something sub-par, when you can use better and higher quality items. CLiQUERS will give you access to more choices within your budget. Why put all your money in buying one expensive bag when you can use more of these expensive bags to complement your mood and outfits for a fraction of the price. Why buy only one camera and one lens, when you can borrow different lenses for different needs without breaking the bank?
Plus, imagine the savings on space CLiQUERS will afford you? PRICELESS
Discover new connections!
The sharing and collaborative lifestyle makes the world a little bit smaller. Discover people who have the same hobbies, same style and same interests. You may not only be making friends but building a community within the CLiQUERS community.
You are helping save the world!
By renting out your items and renting items from others, you are helping conserve water and energy and in reducing carbon dioxide emissions, pollution from waste and overall toxicity in the environment. Be part of the movement that contributes to a better and healthier world. JOIN THE CLiQUERS COMMUNITY NOW.